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KFTV STUDIO (Kigali Film And Televison Studio) is one of leading production studio in Rwanda which is made of highly skilled professionals to bring new level of pleasant and existing visual experiences to the doorsteps of every organisation in Rwanda.

Our Studio is sub-division of KFTV School which is leading professional school in film and multimedia studies. Our passion at KFTV Studio is to make something unique from approach of our directors in perspective of our clients.

Ishimwe Theodole: Filmmaker, Executive Director
Ishimwe Theodore
Filmmaker, Executive Director
Sangwa Deus Dedit: Filmmaker, Art Director
Sangwa Deus Dedit
Filmmaker, Art Director
Mukunzi Ismael: Filmmaker, Director of Photography
Mukunzi Ismael
Filmmaker, Director of Photography
Murwanashyaka Issa: Filmmaker, Editor and Photographer
Murwanashyaka Issa
Filmmaker, Editor and Photographer

KFTV STUDIO Has a wide team that is passionate at making unique production from the approach of our directors in perspective of our client and qualified to handle also a wide range of productions. ranging from low budget to big budget production.

In our obsession with the quality of our programs, and our belief in the importance of a good story, that has helped us attract and maintain our clients

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Beninka Shamy: Public Relation
Beninka Shamy
(Public Relation)
+(250) 785853337
Mukunzi Ismael: Debuty C.E.O
Mukunzi Ismael
(Debuty C.E.O)
+(250) 788624965
Sangwa Deus Dedit: Managing Director
Sangwa Deus Dedit
(Managing Director)
+(250) 788761690
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